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All suggestions and questions are welcome, please use the emailaddress below

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Submit your Challenge Stradale to the VIN registry

If you want to submit your CS to the registry, please send me an email to and please include the following information:

- VIN number (where to find the VIN number)
- Exterior color (where to find the paint code sticker)
- Interior color and fabric (alcantara or leather)
- Options like stripe yes/no radio yes/no fire extinguisher yes/no etc.
- If your CS has a stripe, please specify if it's a factory stripe or an aftermarket sticker
- Country where your car resides
- A few photos, exterior and interior if possible

Additional information:
- Current mileage
- Assembly number (where to find the assembly number)
- Engine number (where to find the engine number)
- Which dealership originally delivered your car (can be found on the first page of the "Owner's Warranty and Service Book")
- Delivery date (can be found on the first page of the "Owner's Warranty and Service Book")

Owner information will never be shared or posted online. It's no problem if you don't want to share your engine number, assembly number, current mileage or any other information

Do you have a Challenge Stradale for sale?

This is for auction houses, car dealerships and private sellers. If you want to advertise your car on this website for free, please email me the VIN and a link to an online advert of your car on a dealership page or a site like / / AutoTrader / Autoscout24 etc.
I will place a (free) advertisement of your car on the news page and the for sale page.

Please send your email to and include the VIN number, color information and specs. has no affiliation with Ferrari S.p.A.
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